Carnival of Animals front cover FINAL Once again I’ve been missing in action, partly due to the previous books and partly due to writing a new book while traveling. As much as I love to travel and write about it, the actual travel takes away from my blogging. But I’m back now, and, first off, I want to share my new story collection with you: The Carnival of the Animals, This is a series of 13 tales and a finale based on Camille Saint-Saëns’ classical musical suite of the same name. The stories are told in fairytale/folklore style and are set in various countries around the world.

As a child, I loved reading about other places. A good book placed elsewhere is truly another way to travel. I  hope you will click on the title above. It’s listed as a middle grade read, but it’s actually for children ages 7 to 70, since it is “layered”, with much to please older children and adults.

Rosi Hollinbeck posted a lovely review and give away of the book HERE. Craig Briggs, a British ex-pat in Galicia, Spain, posted an interview with me HERE.  Kenda Turner, who explores literature and poetry on her fine blog, Words and Such, has an interview with me about the book HERE. And Richard Hughes, a writer and artist, has a post about the book HERE.

What Other People Are Saying:                                                                                                    “Thanks to Elizabeth Varadan, you will roar with the lion, bound over clouds with the unicorn, dance with the tortoise, weep with the elephant, feel the friendship of a magical bird, know the enduring love of a swan…and more.  Best of all,   you will enjoy the genuine magic of this carnival  of creativity!” —T. A. Barron, Author of the Merlin Saga

“In the Carnival of the Animals, “Since Carnival’s characters are from all over  the world, these stories will spark discussions with  young children about cultures, languages, and even  animal habitats. Truly a wonderful work of art.” —JaNay Brown-Wood, author of Imani’s MoonNAESP Book of the Year, Northern CA Association  of Children’s Librarians Distinguished Book for 2014, a Reading is Fundamental (RIF) Multicultural Book  for 2015. Her newest book Grandma’s Tiny House:  A Counting Story, received a starred review from  Publisher’s Weekly.

“Children will be drawn to the clever, charming narratives and come away with a real appreciation for both the stories and the music that inspired them.” — Steve Richardson, Author of Canlandia,(winner of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for best juvenile fiction in 2014, and the Arizona, New Mexico Book Award for best juvenile fiction in 2014), and Lavender Blue  and the Faeries of Galtee Wood (winner of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for best in juvenile fiction in 2013)

“A beautifully penned tale inspired by the musical suite The Carnival of the Animals, by Camille Saint-Saëns. The story and its settings will delight children of all ages. Varadan’s magical menagerie is marvelous!” ~ Victoria Lindstrom, Author of The Tale of Willaby Creek

On Another Note:I really am settling on this as my main travel blog. I hope you will visit often and leave a comment: I have a post coming up next on our recent trip to Portugal. 


How about you? When you were a child, did you like books set in other countries? Do you find books a good way to travel vicariously?

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  1. I’m here…I think. Won’t know until I get my years-old password working. Will copy-paste your WP blog address on sideboard of “Trainrides of The Enigmas”. –Geo.

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