Returning to My Travel Blog



IMG_0004-4I haven’t blogged for some time, as I’ve been busy writing and maintaining two other blogs that each started because of books I’ve written and had published. But now we have a trip coming up again to our beloved Trasulfe in the autonomous region of Spain called Galicia. (I showed a picture of it earlier in a very brief post. Here is what it looked like last Spring when we went. That is our little piece of property on the other side of a sheep path that borders this tiny village, and our neighbor, Miguel, has planted potatoes. When we left at the end of May, he was setting up electric wire fencing to shock and keep out the wild boars that come out of the woods at night to dig for potatoes.

Here is a picture of his burro, who is simply called “burro”. Burro helps him in all his work. He has a very sweet temperament. And here is the cat who adopted us.










And in town (Monforte) a gypsy played music.



P1110652Wild broom was coming into its own on you can see below.P1110644




This is just a little flavor from last spring. We are both looking forward to the fall trip that will be coming up in a month.

Like spring, fall is a beautiful time of year in this rural part of Spain. It will be wonderful to see friends and neighbors again — and to practice my Spanish. Both my husband and I are valiantly studying Spanish, but neither of us are any where near being fluent. As our neighbors say: “Poco a poco.” Little by little.

How about you? Have you traveled to a favorite place? Are you learning another language?